Inspection Fee: If we’re unable to sweep your chimney due to access problems, improper installation, or safety hazards, a £40 inspection fee will apply. This covers:

  • Identifying the specific issue(s) preventing the sweep.
  • Recommending solutions to fix the problem(s).
  • Completing any necessary paperwork (if applicable).

Missed Appointment Fee: A £40 call-out fee will be charged if we arrive at your scheduled appointment and are unable to access the property. This applies if you haven’t rescheduled or cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Transparent Terms & Conditions: Ensuring a Smooth Chimney Sweep Experience

At The Chimney Sweep Company, we strive to provide exceptional chimney sweep services at competitive prices. To ensure a seamless experience for both parties, we kindly request you to carefully review the following terms and conditions:


  • We adhere to a fixed-price structure for standard sweeps. However, please inform us at the time of booking about any unusual circumstances (larger fireplaces, potential blockages) to avoid the need for recalculating the cost upon arrival. You can decline to use the service if we do have to recalculate the cost on arrival, although a site visit fee of £40 will apply.
  • In the event of unforeseen issues encountered during the sweep (blockages, heavily neglected flues), we will promptly notify you of any necessary additional charges before proceeding. You retain the right to decline these charges and discontinue the service. If you decide to stop the sweep after it has begun, we may need to charge a fee to cover some of our costs, including the work already completed. We appreciate your understanding.

Payment & Cancellations:

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment is due in full upon completion of the service. We gladly accept cash, bank transfers, and card payments.
  • We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Cancellations or rescheduling requests are kindly requested as early as possible. Last-minute changes (less than 48 hours’ notice) may incur a £40 cancellation fee.
  • No-show fee of £40 applies if we are unable to gain access to the property upon arrival for the scheduled appointment.

Nests & Weather:

  • Please note that due to legal restrictions, we cannot remove live bird nests during nesting season (May-June). We will gladly reschedule your sweep for a later date after the nesting period has concluded.
  • Discovering a live nest during a scheduled sweep will unfortunately result in a wasted trip and a £40 fee. We politely request your understanding and cooperation in adhering to bird protection regulations.
  • For outdoor work involving ladders or cherry pickers, please note that we are dependent on suitable weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, we will reschedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.

Potential Issues:

  • While we exercise utmost care during the sweep, we cannot be held responsible for damage to poorly maintained chimneys. Kindly disclose any known issues or specific material details about your chimney structure at the time of booking.
  • In situations where we identify potential concerns requiring repairs or disclaimers, we will discuss these recommendations transparently with you. Please understand that our priority is to ensure your safety and the integrity of your chimney system.
  • Steel liners and cowls have a limited lifespan. While we sweep them with utmost care, we cannot accept responsibility for any dislodgement, damage, or subsequent consequences from their potential fall.
  • As certified chimney sweeps, we are required to physically exit chimney pots. We will undertake this process with due diligence. If you have concerns about the fragility of your chimney pot, kindly inform us in advance.
  • Chimneys that have not been swept annually, as recommended for solid fuel burning, may require additional time and labor, which may reflect in the final cost.
  • Clearing blocked register plates requires additional time and will be reflected in the final service charge.
  • To ensure an accurate quote, please provide as much information as possible regarding your chimney and any potential issues during the booking process.

Our Services:

  • We are equipped to sweep a wide range of appliances fueled by solid fuel, wood, oil, or gas, in both residential and commercial settings.
  • However, it is important to note that we may encounter certain wood-burning stoves that present challenges due to improper installation or safety concerns. In such cases, we may be unable to perform the sweep. We will, nonetheless, offer our best guidance on how to rectify the issue.

Advanced Technology & Expertise:

  • We utilize state of the art equipment, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Our team comprises highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

Feedback & Satisfaction:

  • We value your feedback. If you are pleased with our services, we encourage you to leave us a positive review on Google or Facebook.
  • Should you encounter any dissatisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are committed to resolving any concerns and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Building a Strong Partnership:

By adhering to these terms and conditions and maintaining open communication, we can work together to ensure a smooth and successful chimney sweep experience. We look forward to serving you and keeping your home warm and safe!



The sweep process

Book an appointment – Complete our contact form to start the process. We can then arrange a convenient date and time slot for your chimney sweep.

Arrival & protection – Once we arrive at your property the first and most important job is to protect it. We sheet up the area to protect your home.

Initial Inspection – We start by inspecting the installation to see what the best equipment to use when completing the chimney sweep.

Sweeping – We will get to work sweeping your chimney removing all the harmful buildup within using the best equipment on the market.

Draw Test – Once completed we warm the flue and complete a draw test to make sure the gases are evacuating correctly and that the seals of the stove are not defective.

Certification – We fill out a certificate detailing the job that has been completed and our findings. This is done digitally and emailed along with a copy of your receipt.

Payment – Once the sweep is completed and you are happy, we like to take payment via our portable card machine. It’s convenient and easy for the customers.