Maintaining and servicing your appliance is an important part of ownership. You wouldn’t expect a car to stay on the road without proper maintenance. Your working fireplace is the same. Here are a list of the services we offer to keep your fire maintained.

  • Door rope seal change: We expertly replace worn door ropes, restoring a tight seal and ensuring optimal fireplace efficiency and safety.
  • Stove Respray: Give your beloved wood burner a cosmetic refresh. Our professional stove re-spraying service revitalizes its appearance, protecting it from rust and enhancing its charm.
  • Stove Spares: From stove glass to rope gaskets and fire bricks, we stock a wide range of essential spare parts to keep your wood burner functioning smoothly. No more scrambling for replacements – we have you covered!
  • Re-sealing Pipes: Leaky pipe connections can compromise your stove’s efficiency and safety. Our sweeps can meticulously re-seal all pipe connections, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.
  • Glass Replacement: Cracked or broken stove glass not only poses a safety hazard but also detracts from the look of your fireplace. We offer prompt and professional glass replacement service to restore both safety and visual appeal.

Invest in your wood burner’s health and longevity with our comprehensive maintenance services. Contact us today to find out more.