Why is an inspection crucial?

While that charming stove might be a selling point, inheriting an appliance comes with responsibility. Ignoring potential issues could lead to:

  • Safety risks: Faulty installations or improper use can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires.
  • Costly repairs: Early detection of problems saves you money in the long run compared to emergency fixes.
  • Wasted fuel: An inefficient stove burns money as well as wood.

What does our inspection cover?

Our comprehensive service gives you peace of mind:

  • Full compliance check: We ensure your stove’s installation meets current regulations and safety standards.
  • Thorough appliance examination: Inside and out, we inspect the stove for proper function and potential issues.
  • CCTV flue inspection: See what’s hidden inside the chimney with a camera, identifying any cracks, blockages, or damage.
  • Chimney sweep: Chimney assessed and swept with the most suitable equipment for the installation and flue style.
  • Flue smoke draw test: Ensures the chimney is drawing correctly and the seals are not leaking.
  • Expert advice: Learn how to safely and efficiently use your stove, including fuel recommendations and storage tips.
  • Bonus starter kit: Fire up your new stove with our complimentary logs, firelighters, and kindling and a full demonstration.
  • Detailed report: Get a clear understanding of your stove’s condition, with documented findings and any necessary action steps. All sent digitally via our PDF report.

Invest in your safety and enjoy your dream stove responsibly. Contact us to schedule your new homeowner safety inspection.